BASIS Independent Bellevue: Coming Fall 2022

From a nationally recognized STEM-focused, liberal arts curriculum to an outdoor field, gym, and modernized classrooms, BASIS Independent Bellevue’s campus is the centerpiece of our mission to raise critical thinking and problem solving to an international level.

BASIS Independent Bellevue is located in the tree-lined Crossroads and Lake Hills neighborhood between downtown Bellevue and Lake Sammamish. Our school is opening in fall 2022 with Grades 2 – 7 to start, and each school year we will expand into a Middle and High School Program (Grades 5 – 12).

In our first year, students will engage in a variety of classrooms, a gym, and outdoor field. Initially, our campus will be shared with the Jewish Day School of Bellevue (JDS) for the first several years of our operation. During this first year, BASIS Independent Bellevue students will have a dedicated campus wing of classrooms and administrative offices separate from JDS classrooms and offices. In upcoming phases, BASIS Independent Bellevue will expand into more classrooms. Around the same time, JDS will relocate to a different location in the Seattle-Bellevue metropolitan area, and BASIS Independent Bellevue will become the sole owner of the existing campus and all facilities.

Take a look at our facilities!

Main entrance
Art classroom
Science lab

Future Upgrades

Over the next several school years, we have planned upgrades of current campus facilities. Beginning in our first school year (2022-23), students will have an outdoor field, gymnasium, and multi-purpose room for PE, recess, lunch, and of course, after-school clubs, athletics, and competitions.

Track and field

We are excited to build a dynamic and well-rounded school community of students, faculty and staff, and parents. We look forward to our founding school year and beyond as we open our doors to our program and vision of becoming the global leader in education in the Pacific Northwest.

Learn more about careers with BASIS Independent Schools on our careers website.

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