BASIS Independent Schools: Who We Are

How We Got Here

Six years ago BASIS Independent Schools began with a vision: to use the proven and time-tested BASIS Curriculum as the foundation and core for a network of private schools to be established across the country. Today, we are very proud to have nearly 3,000 students in Pre-Kindergarten – 12th grade across six campuses in New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the DC Metro Area.

Since our network’s funding, our students have displayed excellence, be it out performing their American and global peers on the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA), attaining a 94% pass rate on Advanced PlacementĀ® exams, and averaging a 1485 on the SATĀ®. BASIS Independent graduates have also consistently gained admission to some of the world’s top universities, with over 80% admitted to a top 25 US News & World Report University or College.

During the initial years, we made it our goal to assure parents that their child could thrive in an academically rigorous program that challenges students to not only learn at the highest international levels, but to develop a love of learning and believe they can do more than they thought they could.

This is only possible with the tireless support of our administrative staff, a school culture focused on student support, and a robust teacher recruiting process designed to find and hire high-caliber, world-class educators who inspire students to accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

What does is take to teach at BASIS Independent Schools?

The hallmark of our classrooms are teachers who are subject experts and have a passion for their discipline. This means that students are growing under the mentorship and expertise of real mathematicians, chemists, musicians, writers, and more, many of whom have advanced degrees in their area of study.

While some new faculty members may have been teaching for years, other aspiring teachers come from non-traditional backgrounds, having worked in research labs or at corporations. One of our current History Subject Expert Teachers was previously a lawyer at a large firm, which has influenced the skills he emphasizes in class: persuasive writing and critical thinking.

As our students are the best judge of whether they are challenged, engaged, and inspired in the classroom, we require each prospective teacher to give a demo lesson with our students as a part of our selective interview process. We ask our students for feedback–even from our kindergarteners–and we use this as an important part of our decision making process.

Why should you teach at BASIS Independent Schools?

1) Our teaching philosophy is rooted in trust.

BASIS Independent Schools gives teachers the autonomy and flexibility to do what they do best: teach! In the classroom, we empower our teachers to provide instruction and assess learning in the ways that fit their passions and their students’ needs. While the curriculum does require teachers to meet a set of common standards, they have the freedom to determine how best to guide their students toward mastery.

2) Our network is highly collaborative

From formal events throughout the year, to day-to-day problem solving, our teachers are encouraged to share different techniques, pedagogical best practices, and lesson inspiration. This collaborative culture extends beyond the walls of any one BASIS Independent School or department; our teachers can work with their network peers and mentors across the globe via a variety of cooperative channels.

3) We don’t put a cap on one’s professional trajectory.

There is plenty of room for career growth: we offer network-wide trainings each summer and campus-based professional development programs that allow our staff and faculty to grow and become even better educators. For some, this means perfecting their teaching craft; for others, it means becoming a Subject Adviser, Teacher Mentor, or pursuing a path to administration.

Contact us to learn more!

As BASIS Independent Schools, we’re always looking for exceptional teachers with the creativity and expertise to own the freedom we offer to make amazing things happen in the classroom. If you’re interested in pursuing a career with us, please reach out to our Talent Acquisition Manager or visit our careers website.

In the meantime, we’re excited to share insights from our teachers and schools though our blog about what it’s like to teach and be a part of our family.

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