What’s It Like to Work Here? Pt. 2

In the second part of our two part series on working at BASIS Independent Schools, we dive deeper into the work culture and what makes a career with us unique. Take a look at Part 1 for information about our schools and what we look for in teachers.

What’s the work culture like?

“You meet and work alongside some of the most interesting people, and it makes you want to come to work every day,” says Senior Director of School Services Ms. Pierce.

BASIS Independent Schools attract people who have an exceptional work ethic. This common characteristic creates a palpable energy in our offices, classrooms, and hallways, and our community thrives off of it. It fuels individuals in all roles to want to do more and to grow more. Most importantly, it allows people to connect; they bond, collaborate, and excel together. Our work culture is one where colleagues are friends and mentors, where they are surrounded by people they relate to and want to spend time with.

In the classroom, we also empower our teachers to provide instruction and assess learning in the ways that fit their passions and their students’ needs. By allowing this autonomy and flexibility, teachers are able to explore different applications of knowledge and can better foster creativity and support, truly making the classroom their own.

“I love working at a school where everyone is striving to be better than we were the day before,” says Ms. Korik, Director of Student Affairs for Early Learning at BASIS Independent McLean. “With high expectations for ourselves as educators comes high expectations for our students. We work together, pushing ourselves and our students to be the best we can be. I also am proud that no two classrooms are identical. Our teachers’ instruction differs based on their students’ unique needs and their own diverse backgrounds as educators. Their instructional style and interactions with students reflect the understanding that we are all individuals with our own strengths.”

So, is it really any different teaching here than at another school?

We asked Ms. Wendel, Math and Psychology teacher, at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley to weigh in on the question:

“Here, the main focus is on the students, and we teach students how to be responsible for their own learning. Especially in the modern world, it is important that students are self-confident, curious, and open-minded when they approach new tasks. Once our students become motivated, insightful, and enthusiastic thinkers, we consider ourselves successful teachers. Furthermore, BASIS Independent Schools offers an amazing network of like-minded professionals. The collaborative environment is the best I have ever experienced. Teachers here work closely together within their own school, but also across different schools and even different continents, sharing best practice material and helping each other become the best in what we do.”

What about administration? What makes an admin role unique?

Mr. Francher, Director of Academic Programs at BASIS Independent Fremont, offers an answer to this question: “Working as an administrator for BASIS Independent Schools is a very rewarding and challenging experience. We are given far more freedom to make the job our own than any other school system I have seen. We are also given the opportunity to explore new avenues for conquering old problems as we fine tune our processes each year.”

On being asked the best part of his job, he says, “Working with a team of individuals that I trust. Being surrounded by such amazing individuals makes tackling any problems that come up manageable, and makes each successful year that much better.”

Want to learn more about career opportunities with BASIS Independent Schools? Visit our careers website for more information and a complete list of open positions.

This post originally appeared on the Eureka! Brooklyn school blog.

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