College Admissions: Class of 2022

The college placement results for the Class of 2022 have arrived!

BASIS Independent Schools students continue to prove they are the future leaders of our generation. This year, graduates across our entire network of schools–from New York City and the Washington, D.C. Metro Area to California–achieved notable acceptances to some of the top colleges and universities not only in the U.S., but across the world.

This class of seniors was able to return to full in-person learning to cap their final year of high school. It was an honor and a privilege to see their academic and personal endeavors culminate in such a triumph, especially with much of their high school experience involving virtual and hybrid learning. Their resilience through it all speaks to their successes, and we are confident we are sending our best and brightest out into the world. Continue reading “College Admissions: Class of 2022”

BASIS Independent Schools: Network Growth

Nearly every week our school leaders field requests from families across the country to build a school near them. Families place a high value on giving their children an innovative, well-rounded education–one that supports accelerated learning, independent thinking, creativity, and critical inquiry from the very first day. The first BASIS Independent Schools opened their doors in Brooklyn and Silicon Valley during the fall of 2014. Now our private school program is well established as offering the highest international level of learning after graduating classes of seniors in California as well as New York City and Washington, D.C. metro campuses. Continue reading “BASIS Independent Schools: Network Growth”

BASIS Independent Bellevue: Coming Fall 2022

From a nationally recognized STEM-focused, liberal arts curriculum to an outdoor field, gym, and modernized classrooms, BASIS Independent Bellevue’s campus is the centerpiece of our mission to raise critical thinking and problem solving to an international level.

BASIS Independent Bellevue is located in the tree-lined Crossroads and Lake Hills neighborhood between downtown Bellevue and Lake Sammamish. Our school is opening in fall 2022 with Grades 2 – 7 to start, and each school year we will expand into a Middle and High School Program (Grades 5 – 12). Continue reading “BASIS Independent Bellevue: Coming Fall 2022”

BASIS Independent Schools Top National Rankings by Niche

The 2022 Niche school rankings are in, and BASIS Independent Schools continue to soar! Since first established, the BASIS Independent Schools network has grown to six campuses–three of which have graduating classes–in locations across New York, Northern Virginia, the Bay Area, and the greater Seattle area. Just over five years later, campuses across our network have achieved impressive national recognition. Continue reading “BASIS Independent Schools Top National Rankings by Niche”

New BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Lower School Campus

New BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Lower School Campus is coming in Fall 2022!

BASIS Independent Schools is excited to announce the expansion of BASIS Independent Silicon Valley to include a new Lower School campus in Sunnyvale, where we will open our highly anticipated Lower School Program. The new campus will open in fall 2022, and will be located at 1500 Partridge Avenue in Sunnyvale. Continue reading “New BASIS Independent Silicon Valley Lower School Campus”

BASIS Independent Brooklyn Class of 2021 College Acceptances

We honor the BASIS Independent Brooklyn Class of 2021 and celebrate news of their college acceptances to date. A majority of our graduating students started with us in middle school, and they had a strong foundation from which to rise to the academic challenges presented in our high school program. Seniors began their last year virtually during a pandemic, and just this month the option of the COVID-19 vaccine was opened to them. This change hopefully marks a turning point that will permit them to experience campus life this fall. We look ahead to their bright future, confident in their preparation to be a force of positive change in our world. Continue reading “BASIS Independent Brooklyn Class of 2021 College Acceptances”

BASIS Independent Manhattan’s New Upper School Campus

BASIS Independent Manhattan’s expansion to include an Upper School Campus will open in fall 2021 in Chelsea (556 W. 22nd St.) and will serve grades 6 – 12. The Upper School campus, specifically, is a harmonious dichotomy of a historic and modern facility with an established yet innovative approach. This can be seen in the exterior and interior renderings shared below, as well as understood through an introduction to the leadership and culture that is being built. Continue reading “BASIS Independent Manhattan’s New Upper School Campus”

Meet the Head of School for BASIS Independent Brooklyn’s New Lower School Campus

As Head of the Lower School, Ms. Shari D. Cameron proudly leads BASIS Independent Brooklyn’s expansion to a brand new Pre-K through grade 2 campus in Downtown Brooklyn. Starting in fall, the new 62,000 square foot Lower School campus will serve our youngest scholars. When the doors open at City Point (413 Albee Square West), Ms. Cameron will be right there with her hand-picked team of faculty and staff warmly greeting each student and family. Continue reading “Meet the Head of School for BASIS Independent Brooklyn’s New Lower School Campus”

New Lower School Campus at BASIS Independent Brooklyn

BASIS Independent Brooklyn is coming to Downton Brooklyn! In fall 2021, a new 62,000 square-foot Lower School Campus will open at City Point (138 Willoughby Street). The new campus offers the opportunity to customize a modern, large space to the needs of Early Learning and early Primary students in Pre-K through Grade 2. After Grade 3, students would then step up to the original 100,000+ square-foot Red Hook campus.

Continue reading “New Lower School Campus at BASIS Independent Brooklyn”

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