Meet the Head of School for BASIS Independent Brooklyn’s New Lower School Campus

As Head of the Lower School, Ms. Shari D. Cameron proudly leads BASIS Independent Brooklyn’s expansion to a brand new Pre-K through grade 2 campus in Downtown Brooklyn. Starting in fall, the new 62,000 square foot Lower School campus will serve our youngest scholars. When the doors open at City Point (413 Albee Square West), Ms. Cameron will be right there with her hand-picked team of faculty and staff warmly greeting each student and family. Continue reading “Meet the Head of School for BASIS Independent Brooklyn’s New Lower School Campus”

Teacher Spotlight: Michael Festo, Learning Expert Teacher

Every BASIS Independent School aims to bring together educators who are knowledgeable, driven, and believe that with the right support and encouragement, any child can excel. As part of our teacher profile series, we wanted to feature someone who exemplifies that approach. Mr. Festo is one of our fourth grade Learning Expert Teachers (LETs) at BASIS Independent Brooklyn. He leads students through what we call a “bridge year”–a time focused on growing student independence and building the skills to make connections organically. Continue reading “Teacher Spotlight: Michael Festo, Learning Expert Teacher”

Teacher Spotlight: Shantell Cameron-Scott

Our Primary School program offers a well-rounded, integrated curriculum that challenges children to make connections across subjects and apply their knowledge. Key to that process are our Learning Expert Teachers (LET), who possess a deep knowledge of effective pedagogical techniques. Throughout the day an LET accompanies their students from classroom to classroom. Core classes are led by Subject Expert Teachers (SET), who possess deep knowledge of the content being delivered to students. The two-teacher model provides students with consistency and continuity in support and expectations while also modeling flexibility in acquisition of knowledge.

In this Teacher Spotlight, we feature one of our BASIS Independent Brooklyn second grade Learning Expert Teachers Ms. Cameron-Scott, who is beginning her third year teaching on our campus. Ms. Cameron-Scott hails from a family of educators, and she always knew she was a teacher at heart. She believes in the power of early literacy to assist students in reaching their academic potential and work at an accelerated pace. “If you introduce a child to literacy at an early age, they will make great strides in all academic areas,” shared Ms. Cameron-Scott. “For reading is the key to all understanding.” Continue reading “Teacher Spotlight: Shantell Cameron-Scott”

Teacher Spotlight: Tyler Coquelin, Physical Education Subject Expert Teacher

It’s Teacher Spotlight time! In this post, we get to know Tyler Coquelin, Physical Education Subject Expert Teacher at BASIS Independent McLean. Mr. Coquelin earned a B.S. in Physical Education from Old Dominion University and is a certified personal trainer. He was attracted to BASIS Independent McLean because he wanted to be a part of an emerging school and help influence the way students look at moving. Continue reading “Teacher Spotlight: Tyler Coquelin, Physical Education Subject Expert Teacher”

Being an Exemplary Teacher

Among the ideals for which we strive at BASIS Independent Schools is to be exemplary. Competent teachers are rather common, and great teaching is a noble goal. But extending beyond excellence to be an exemplar…this is and has been our common focus. Being exemplary, I argue, must be defined, practiced and shared. Here is an example of being exemplary from BASIS Independent McLean:

First, the faculty engaged in a group exercise citing exemplars from their own lives. We noted common themes and qualities. From there, we began to articulate what we would define as qualities of exemplary teaching. Then each of us, in our own words, began to craft and hone a descriptive narrative on what constituted exemplary teaching. The resulting statements are living documents, keeping us mindful of the ideal we strive to achieve. Continue reading “Being an Exemplary Teacher”

Teacher Spotlight: David Calhoun, Science & Math Subject Expert Teacher

For our next Teacher Spotlight, we highlight , David Calhoun, Science & Math Subject Expert Teacher at BASIS Independent McLean. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry, and in addition to teaching, he has also coached state runner-ups in co-ed flag football, regional final four in boys middle school soccer, and regional champions in girls’ elementary basketball. Currently, he teaches science and math at BASIS Independent McLean, and coaches the middle school boys basketball team. Prior to teaching at BASIS Independent McLean, Mr. Calhoun taught at two BASIS Charter Schools in Texas. Working for a BASIS Curriculum School runs in his family, as two of his three brothers also work at a BASIS Curriculum School. Continue reading “Teacher Spotlight: David Calhoun, Science & Math Subject Expert Teacher”

Teacher Spotlight: Amanda Setty, Early Learning

For our first Teacher Spotlight, we highlight Amanda Setty, Early Education Teacher at BASIS Independent McLean. She first started teaching as part of the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program, where she spent two years in rural Japan teaching English to elementary and middle-school students. She was introduced to BASIS Independent Schools when she attended an information session as a prospective parent. She left the meeting thinking, “I want to be part of that!” Continue reading “Teacher Spotlight: Amanda Setty, Early Learning”

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