Class of 2023 College Acceptances

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

We are exceptionally proud of our seniors’ achievements as they move forward to the next phase of their exciting academic journey. As they are about to step into the world’s top colleges and universities this fall, we know they are prepared to excel, determined to stand apart, and ready to prove the success of the BASIS Curriculum.

The Class of 2023 from our three high schools including BASIS Independent Brooklyn, McLean, and Silicon Valley have yet again set the standard in national and international college acceptances. For the Class of 2023, the past school years have been filled with countless hours of test preparation, essay writing, campus visits, and more. The hard work and determination over this and prior years have shown as our graduates are now well-prepared to enter world-renowned higher education institutions and thrive.

“Each year we are incredibly proud of the achievements of our graduating classes,” expressed Toby Walker, Vice President of BASIS Independent Schools. “They have all contributed so much to their school community and any college or university is fortunate to now count them among their student body. The Class of 2023 has raised the bar once again for BASIS Independent Schools. Congratulations!”

College Acceptances by the Numbers

Below is a summary of the acceptances to U.S. News & World Report’s list of 2022-2023 Top National Colleges and Universities. This list includes all graduates from our three high schools.

The Class of 2023

The Class of 2023 represents 174 graduates who applied to a wide range of colleges and universities across the U.S. and around the world. College counseling preparation begins in Grade 9 at BASIS Independent Schools. In their senior year, students take a daily college counseling class for two trimesters in length, which is led by one of our college counselors. This class allows students to dedicate time and focus on preparing an application that stands out.

“College admissions seem to get more and more competitive each year, yet our seniors continue to amaze us all,” said Amanda McCollum, a college counselor at BASIS Independent Silicon Valley. “A heartfelt congratulations and I have no doubt all of our graduates from coast-to-coast will pursue their greatest dreams, and we can’t wait to see and hear about their next steps!”

We have compiled a complete list of all acceptances to U.S. colleges and universities, followed by a list of all acceptances to global institutions. We are excited to share the results!

BINS National US Acceptances

BINS Class of 2023 International Acceptances

Congratulations Class of 2023 on this huge achievement. We are incredibly proud of you!

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