Teacher Spotlight: Tyler Coquelin, Physical Education Subject Expert Teacher

It’s Teacher Spotlight time! In this post, we get to know Tyler Coquelin, Physical Education Subject Expert Teacher at BASIS Independent McLean. Mr. Coquelin earned a B.S. in Physical Education from Old Dominion University and is a certified personal trainer. He was attracted to BASIS Independent McLean because he wanted to be a part of an emerging school and help influence the way students look at moving. Continue reading “Teacher Spotlight: Tyler Coquelin, Physical Education Subject Expert Teacher”

2020 Senior Project Spotlight: BASIS Independent Silicon Valley

In their final trimester as BASIS Independent Silicon Valley students, after seniors have emerged from a deep dive into university-level, content-heavy capstone courses and completed the demanding college application process, they participate in their Senior Project–a high-level research project centered around a question or topic of their choosing. Some of our students are already a year in to the two year commitment that is the Senior Research Project. Continue reading “2020 Senior Project Spotlight: BASIS Independent Silicon Valley”

Being an Exemplary Teacher

Among the ideals for which we strive at BASIS Independent Schools is to be exemplary. Competent teachers are rather common, and great teaching is a noble goal. But extending beyond excellence to be an exemplar…this is and has been our common focus. Being exemplary, I argue, must be defined, practiced and shared. Here is an example of being exemplary from BASIS Independent McLean:

First, the faculty engaged in a group exercise citing exemplars from their own lives. We noted common themes and qualities. From there, we began to articulate what we would define as qualities of exemplary teaching. Then each of us, in our own words, began to craft and hone a descriptive narrative on what constituted exemplary teaching. The resulting statements are living documents, keeping us mindful of the ideal we strive to achieve. Continue reading “Being an Exemplary Teacher”

Teacher Spotlight: David Calhoun, Science & Math Subject Expert Teacher

For our next Teacher Spotlight, we highlight , David Calhoun, Science & Math Subject Expert Teacher at BASIS Independent McLean. He holds a B.S. in Chemistry, and in addition to teaching, he has also coached state runner-ups in co-ed flag football, regional final four in boys middle school soccer, and regional champions in girls’ elementary basketball. Currently, he teaches science and math at BASIS Independent McLean, and coaches the middle school boys basketball team. Prior to teaching at BASIS Independent McLean, Mr. Calhoun taught at two BASIS Charter Schools in Texas. Working for a BASIS Curriculum School runs in his family, as two of his three brothers also work at a BASIS Curriculum School. Continue reading “Teacher Spotlight: David Calhoun, Science & Math Subject Expert Teacher”

Fifth Grade: The Foundation of Specialization

Fifth grade marks a transitional year for students at BASIS Independent Schools. Not only are they exercising more autonomy, as they no longer have the Learning Expert Teacher with them all day, but they are beginning intensive studies in new subjects such as Classics and Latin.

What does fifth grade look like for students and teachers? We asked students and teachers at BASIS Independent Fremont to find out! Continue reading “Fifth Grade: The Foundation of Specialization”

Defining Support: Teacher Mentors

There is a quote posted on the refrigerator in the staff lounge at BASIS Independent Manhattan from Todd Whitaker. It reads: “The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters. The hardest thing about being a teacher is that it matters every day.”

Our dedicated and passionate teachers are a cornerstone of every BASIS Independent Schools‘ success. We are thrilled to have a Teacher Mentor program where the focus is not only to have a faculty that supports our students, but also a faculty that feels supported.

In this post, we will introduce you to a few of our Teacher Mentors at BASIS Independent Manhattan, explain what they do, and how their contributions are making an impact on a daily basis. Continue reading “Defining Support: Teacher Mentors”

Dean of Students: Finding Support & Joy in Learning

During this time of distance learning, parents of younger students are navigating a learning environment where the lines between school and home are blurred. Considering the circumstances, students and parents need extra support, and finding joy in learning is more important than ever. We spoke with our Dean of Students (PreK – Grade 2) at BASIS Independent Manhattan, Ms. Becky Hodges, to discuss how we accomplish this no matter where we are. Continue reading “Dean of Students: Finding Support & Joy in Learning”

BASIS Curriculum: Middle School Program

“It makes a huge difference to have teachers who are passionate about the subjects they are teaching in every class. It makes you more excited to learn!” – Sophie, BASIS Independent McLean student

BASIS Independent Schools raises the standards of student learning to the highest international levels through our advanced, globally benchmarked curriculum. However, our schools are only able to achieve such incredible outcomes thanks to our passionate expert teachers–not just because they teach with expertise, but because each one inspires students to truly love learning. Good luck asking any of our students who their favorite teacher or class is; they will usually answer, “all of them!” Continue reading “BASIS Curriculum: Middle School Program”

Teacher Spotlight: Amanda Setty, Early Learning

For our first Teacher Spotlight, we highlight Amanda Setty, Early Education Teacher at BASIS Independent McLean. She first started teaching as part of the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program, where she spent two years in rural Japan teaching English to elementary and middle-school students. She was introduced to BASIS Independent Schools when she attended an information session as a prospective parent. She left the meeting thinking, “I want to be part of that!” Continue reading “Teacher Spotlight: Amanda Setty, Early Learning”

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