The LET/SET Model: A Teacher’s Perspective

Through the innovative co-teaching design of the BASIS Independent Schools primary classroom–the Learning Expert Teacher/Subject Expert Teacher (LET/SET) model–two teachers work together to serve students’ different needs in each class throughout the school day.

Improving upon the traditional co-teaching model of lead teacher and assistant teacher, the expert knowledge of each individual BASIS Curriculum Schools teacher serves a unique purpose. Both teachers are experience professionals who possess deep understanding of their respective fields. Continue reading “The LET/SET Model: A Teacher’s Perspective”

What’s It Like to Work Here? Pt. 1

Everyone remembers that one teacher…

…the one that left such a distinct impression that you actually started to call English your favorite class even when you’ve always been a “math” person. To paraphrase BASIS Independent Brooklyn French Subject Expert Teacher Mr. Mandeville, at BASIS Independent Schools, all teachers are that one teacher–each one forges a true connection between their students and the lessons being taught, instilling in them an avid love for their subject. Good luck asking one of our students what their favorite class is. They either tell you, enthusiastically, “all of them!” or, “it changes each year!” Continue reading “What’s It Like to Work Here? Pt. 1”

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